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By : Aziz Fauzi

The head team of tasikmalaya delegation

Dear ladies and gentlemen

The Analyst of international symposium on climate change and food security state that today the food prices have been globally spiraling higher due to a range of factors including rising populations, strong demand from developing countries, poor weather and the growing use of bio- fuel while we know that food is truly the power of life, food is absolutely  way of life and food is the style of life,  we are impossible can talk and discuss like this without having good food to our body, we do all activities because of food, shortly every creatures can do nothing without foods. Therefore, I feel this is a vital issue to talk about food security  in Indonesia.

The distinguished ladies and gentlemen

Food security means different thing to different people. It also means being able to get all the healthy food we need and enjoy them with our family, friends and whoever. Moreover, food security includes being able to make living by growing and producing food in ways that protect and support both land – sea and food producers and that ensure there will be healthy food for our children’s children.

Ladies and gentlemen

Can we imagine if our foods we eat are not secure ?

We eat some foods but we do not know they are good for us or not, they are useful or not, they are healthy or not,  maybe we would think several times before eating foods. If this always happens like this, I am sure we would be very stressful. Some families can become pre- occupied with food- worrying all the day about whether there is enough food for dinner and the next day. This kind of stress can be very bad for our relationship and health. Feeling stressed and insecure can lead us to depression, anger, diabetes, high blood pressure. It can also make our body to be harder to fight off infections like cold and flu while both are epidemic illness in our region. Maybe this is the first condition that we would feel if there is not food security in our country.

Beside that, food insecurity also will make bad effect for our children and kids. Because, as we know that poor nutrition in childhood can affect  the development of both the body and mind. If they are not having enough good food can make them to be harder to do well at school and even stay in school. This is very harmful  because we all know that school is the right place to educate our children and to result the qualified human resources. Poor nutrition in childhood also can make their lifetime to be shorter.

In addition, food insecurity can contaminate our air with pesticides and bacteria while we use these air for breathing.

Realizing this, there must be one solution to ensure our food security so that we can life cleanly and safely.

The her excellencies ladies and gentlemen

Food agricultural organization state that , agriculture is expected to assure food security in a range of setting, now and in the future, and is increasingly called upon to produce positive environmental , social, and economic benefits. This challenge is not responded well by almost farmers in Indonesia , because the fact proves that there happens over production of food to answer the demand of fast growing  population, the growing use of pesticide residues and conversion   vast areas of fertile land to non agricultural uses which are limited by poor agricultural resources management practices. According to Mr. Nath these have resulted in unsustainable farming system. This is very harmful, considering pressure of globalization , Indonesian farmers must compete with farmers over world for a share of the market and to stay in business. Realizing this, as FAO firmly believe that Good Agricultural Practices have potential to help adapting to these challenge.

The her excellencies ladies and gentlemen

What is Good Agricultural Practice ?

FAO defines four pillars of Good Agricultural Practices that apply to all scales of farming :

  • Efficient production of sufficient , safe and high quality food and non food products.
  • Sustainable use of natural resources
  • Viability of farming enterprises and contribution to sustainable livelihoods.
  • Responsiveness to the cultural and social demands of society.

Practically speaking GAPs are pre-requisite for a food chain approach to food safety. The concept of good agricultural practices should serve as a reference tool for deciding at each step in the production process on practices that are sustainable as well as safe.

Why  do Good Agricultural Practices go to be our priority for food security ?

Good agricultural practices are currently promoted and used in many part of the world by a range of stakeholders to address diverse needs ,

ü      Governments, international agencies and Non Governmental Organizations  by farmers of sustainable agricultural methods such as integrated pest management, integrated nutrient management or conservation agriculture to help mitigate environmental and society risk in a range of farming systems and contribute to food security and sustainable livelihood.

ü       The food processing and retailing industries use the concept of good agricultural practices in developing codes of practices and criteria contributing mainly to food quality and safety, consumer satisfactions and profits, with the emerging consumer demand for sustainably produced and wholesome food and other products, this trend may incentives for the adoption of good practices by farmers, opening new domestic and export market opportunities, provided farmers have the capacity to respond.

There are a lot of benefits of good agricultural practices to ensure food security in our country Indonesia.

Dear ladies and gentlemen

After knowing the benefits of good agricultural practices , now this is our duty to promote adoption and implementation  of good agricultural practices to our community.

Thank you very much !!

(This text was delivered on ASEAN Model  west java region 2009 by the head team of Tasikmalaya delegation)

head team of tasikmalaya delegation


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